First Visit?  Here Is What You Can Expect

On your first visit to North Winds Chiropractic you will experience cutting edge Chiropractic principles and philosophies based in a small town setting. Dr. Dicken uses his experience in integrated health systems to provide effective and efficient chiropractic care. You will be evaluated based on the human bodies physiological system and design to help relieve pain and optimize your bodies potential to heal.

When you walk in the door you will be greeted by Amber who will help you begin your intake and registration process. She is also the primary point of contact for scheduling your appointments or if you have any questions regarding your insurance.  

Dr. Dicken will then begin his inspection and evaluation process. This can include, range of motion evaluations, reflex and orthopedic testing, as well has motion testing to evaluate how well you are moving. Once the evaluation process is complete Dr. Dicken will explain the what and the how. What he suspects is the issue that is causing your pain and how he is going to help you.

Dr. Dicken has a variety of tools and techniques that can all help you. Electrical Muscle Stimulation with optional hot or cold packs help to loosen tight muscles and joints and release the bodies natural pain killing compounds. Ultrasound can help reduce inflammation. Intersegmental traction can add mobility to your spine.  Flexion and distraction treatments can be beneficial if there are Lumbar disc issues suspected.

Acupuncture is another adjunct therapy that can be utilized to help in the relief and recovery of musculoskeletal pain. Its implementation can help aid in the relief of pain, reduction of inflammation, and restoration of optimal body function.

Dr. Dicken has been trained in a myriad of different adjusting techniques and will implement, after the evaluation process, the most effective treatment protocol to help you receive the maximum benefit from the adjustment.

Physical activity plays a vital role in our bodies ability to heal and deal with the stress of daily living in our fast pace lifestyle. At the conclusion of your visit, Dr. Dicken will layout an effective home care routine that can be implemented to speed the recovery process and to help prevent future aches and pains.

If at any time you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask. The most effective treatment plans are developed with good communication and consistency.

If you are ready to schedule a visit, please complete the form below